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I will not buy this record, it is scratched. We have an important matter to discuss. You were seventh. He was dazzled by her beauty. We have lost sight of him. The window opened. Do you drink mineral water with ice cubes? You shouldn't smoke.

Can you do without the car tomorrow? I need it. Simon and Carsten aren't doing very well. There's another slight problem. Your face died, and I will replace your face with the greatest face in Koridai! It's not finished yet. Did I break it?

How do you know that for sure? Is this your umbrella? The roof of the house let in the rain. 'It must be very scary to be you,' Janina said in a whisper. We killed them. Homework must be done by tomorrow. Did you know that I want to marry you? He's so perfect. One of the biggest problems guys have talking to girls is running out of things to say.

Don't come in here. He wrote the book at the age of twenty.

Let's start at the beginning. I know that it sounds crazy, but you've got to believe me. I know I have it, but I can't put my finger on it. Could I just ask one simple question? Life is so complicated. I need to borrow this broom. Janet is three inches shorter than Spass. I prefer to plan my activities at fixed times so I can manage my time.

She's a basket case. Mother advised me to take a walk for a change. I mean to be there this evening.

Who wants me dead? Isn't there anything you want? Surya had planned to ask his boss for a raise, but he chickened out. Ken spends an increasing amount of time at work. We will not be beholden to special interests. I'll be there in thirty minutes. You can sleep in if you want.

Your wry insolence will not be rewarded.

Translating sentences one by one is too slow for you? You want to increase your rank in Tatoeba, or the rank of your language, at the speed of light? So this is for you! In the next election, the Democratic Party is expected to get the better of the Republican Party. I don't like sitting by the window. Matthew would never agree. The school principal suspended Metin for two days. You need to understand who you really are.

They liked having more space for their children to play. He always wanted to study Japanese. Is this a public or private company? You don't know when Patrice will come, do you? Do you still have something to say? My fingers are all inky from the tragic calligraphy accident.

This is all that is known so far. Would you like to know how I did that? What are your favorite colors? We want our money back. The registration deadline is noon Monday.

I think that's the guy who told me to leave. It's a Japanese dog. I've already told them that.

We took offense at the student's attitude. After rounding the Dragon's Tooth, the wind was on our side, and we were flying. It felt like we were running twice as fast. The hand has five fingers: the thumb, the index finger, the middle finger, the ring finger, and the pinky. It's either too trite to merit that level of innovation or awkward because the non-standard terminology gets in the way of the meaning. Hal didn't take Merril's age into consideration.

Our income is small, but we get by.

Every precaution is being taken. He had no particular reason to go there. What he says does not make any sense. There's a difference.